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Before beginning this quest, you must require a Mysterious Orb.

1.Go to Doug, to get Singed Map then on your Farm page you will see a Singed Map. Click on link.

2. Victini will have some text for you to read.

3. Buy a Blue Warmer at the Shop. (15,000 Credits)

4.go back to victini and push link that say you completed it

5. It will say well done, (your username)!

6. Click continue

7. Victini says the daycare man has the mini-egg, but there is a price to get it

8. Get an egg from Pokemon in Daycare

9. You got the mini-egg

10. Go back to Victini

11. Victini wants you to chase him. (go on random pages eventually there will be a big Victini sprite)

12. Click it

13. He will reward you with an orb for Reshiram or Zekrom

14. Random generated username will appear wanting interactions. Interact with FIELD Pokemon, NOT PARTY Pokemon until Secret Plans are found. Pm will tell you that you found them.

15. Click continue

16. Interact with 100 other users until you find Yin Yang Charm. Pm will tell you that you found it.

17. Click continue

18. Find Aqua Orb. Clue hints its in boxes so must be found in scouring.

19. Click continue

20. Interact with the specified user until you find the Air Orb. Pm will tell you that you found it.

21. Click continue

22. Find Rainbow Gem. This is found by hatching eggs.

23. Click continue

24. Find Victini's Approval Letter through scour missions.

25. Recieve the reward.

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