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The following is a list of updates that have taken effect, all updates will be posted here, if they are major updates.

Eventually when the wiki is more informative this section will be removed.

  1. Added protection system to multiple pages to prevent vandalism. (Ie. Removal of wiki content) (5/29/2012)
  2. IP Banned Several known vandals. (6/12/2012)
  3. Changed the Theme to have a more PokeFarm feel. (5/29/2012)
  4. Removed the "Owner of" pages, there is no need for them and its a way for the admins, on Pokefarm, to track who you are and ban you for using this wiki. Mind you its a stupid reason to be banned but to be safe lets keep that stuff a secret. (6/5/2012)
  5. The quest page is now protect per request. (7/12/2012)