Staff members are people that run PokéFarm, keep it up-to-date with programming, and help people below them. They are people that are AWESOME!

List of members

A lovely table of the staff of PokéFarm.

Position People Job Description
Admins Kolink 'Manage' the site. Kolink = Owner/Coder of PF
Super Moderator Garthic Head of staff. In charge of keeping the forum tidy by locking/moving/deleting threads. Help the Mods-In-Training become full Moderators. Should use Admin HQ forum to discuss administration matters.

Sceada, SekasWind03, Ledah, Bacent, Sei, RobTigerEyes, Marie-Chan, Ravyne [formerly Mismagius], KeyChan

In charge of making the site enjoyable for users.Answer threads in Help, Suggestions and Bugs forums, bringing them to the attention of higher-ranked staff if they can't deal with it themselves.

If they have a problem with a SuperMod, they should take the matter to Kolink via PM - not discuss it in public.

MiT [Mod in Training] [None] Help people on the site, in preparation for a proper moderator position.When they think they are ready to move up, they should PM Kolink, who will open it to discussion with the Mods and SuperMods.
Spriters Mila Complete tasks assigned by the Head Spriter. It would be useful if they were to specialise themselves in a particular aspect, such as making Novelties, or Banners, or Skins etc.
Head of Spriters [None] Keeps track of the Spriters/Artists and contacts them regarding to projects, art, etc.
Artists [None] Complete tasks assigned by the Admin.
ChatOT (Chat Operation Team) AriDae, Silyon Moderate the chat, ensuring that all chat-rules are followed.

Other than within the chat, ChatOT's have no power on-site.